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Intelligent Content Engine
Get more out of your document archives by making them more easily accessible.

If you need to display your archived COLD and Scanned documents in a your portal then you need the Intelligent Content Engine or ICE!  ICE is designed to connect to different document repositories through  existing and custom adaptors. When a document is returned from the repository it can be converted as needed to many formats for display or print. These formats include industry standards such as TIFF, JPG, HTML, and PDF. ICE is also capable of combining images and documents to provide document overlays for output intended for pre-printed forms.

ICE provides a Web Service interface so it can be easily integrated into your information portal or custom application.

ICE doesn't stop there, ICE provides query capabilities that allow you to manage the data in your reports and extract the information. Through the data mining capabilites ICE will enable you to find hidden information and reformat it for better reporting.


Online Registration

Force 4's online registration services will save you money and volunteer hours while providing your participants with the opportunity to conveniently register and pay for online. Now you can manage participants for events, leagues or organizations with ease. We offer:

  • Secure credit card processing 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive data management and accounting tools
  • Custom registration reports, statistics, and recent activity information
  • Broadcast e-mail tools for communication with your participants
  • Customizable registration forms to help collect pertinent demographic data
  • Searchable registration confirmation and searchable results for your registrants



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