Sports Technologies Group
Force 4 is expanding its services in the sports market. Our new Sports technologies group will focus on communication and management solutions for Sports related organizations.


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LaserArc Consulting

Get the most out of your LaserArc system.

LaserArc is the old reliable family car. It gets you where you need to go, but not with much style. It seems everyone is buying a fancy new car, but are they really getting anything more than you have. Under the hood of that old car is a powerful engine, but it needs a good mechanic to help it really show its stuff.

At Force 4, we not only know how to tweak it for performance, we really know how it works. Members of our staff developed and maintained the actual source code for LaserArc, so when we say we know it better than anyone else, we are serious!

Ever wish you could find anything in your archive without having to write complicated queries. Now you can with Full Text Search. Yes, we can turn on full text search for your LaserArc system and allow your users to find information faster than ever.

Want to add a new indexing scheme to your Scanning Edition, when can do that too.

How about the elusive security based on your indexing data and not just document types. YES we can make that happen.


Sports Hosting Technologies
Force 4 Sports Technologies is a combination of services and products designed to support sports organizations. Whether it is just one team, a league of teams or an organization supporting many leagues, Force 4 can help you communicate with your members, organize your schedules and collect your fees.



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